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Anthrax Story - Continued

~*~*~*~* Meanwhile back outside *~*~*~*~
Éowyn: *sits up* ow… my head
Tinwe: *helps her up* are you okay?
Éowyn: I am fine, for the mistress of the underworld feels no pain!
Phoenix: BLOOD! *Runs by Éowyn pushing her down* *pounces on Fizban and bites his neck*
Éowyn: *gets up*
Fizban: Ouch! *Fights her off with a fire poker*
Phoenix: *hisses* *grabs the fire poker and eats it*
Fizban: Hey do you know how much these things cost?
ChibiTrunks: *grabs a sock* Mwahahaha… YEEHAW!
Sorcerer: *runs for the door* that’s it! I’m outta here! *Takes off* *CREAK*
ChibiTrunks: *runs at Tinwe, knocking Éowyn down once more*
Tinwe: Oh no you don’t!
Tinwe: *trips him and he rips his sock*
ChibiTrunks: NOOOOO! My beloved sock! Kiss it better!
Tinwe: Gross
ChibiTrunks: KISS IT BETTER! *Shoves the sock in Tinwe’s face*
Tinwe: *grabs the sock and eats it* mm tastes like chicken
ChibiTrunks: *stares in amazement* Tinwe… you… you just…
Éowyn: *gets up* dude you just ate a sock. HEY EVERYBODY! TINWE JUST ATE A SOCK!!
Everybody: *goes quiet*
Emeraude: *from the other room* that’s gross
Fizban: nasty, I want one
Phoenix: Eww… I want blood
Julie: you people are all crazy. ALL OF YOU!
Heero: ew...
Tinwe: Socks… I must have socks *takes his own socks off and stuffs them in his mouth*
ChibiTrunks: NOO! You sock murderer!
Lantis: Um okay… *hides in a corner*
Dark Jester: *hides his socks*
Tinwe: *scans the room for socks* No! Julie! *Points at her feet*
Julie: Um what? *Looks down*
Tinwe: You’re not wearing any socks!
Julie: Most people don’t wear socks with sandals
Tinwe: *growls* *attacks Julie’s feet and bites on her sandal, while it’s still on her foot*
Julie: *screams and takes off her sandals really fast, then runs into the room with Emeraude* Nurse Emeraude can I get some bandages please?
Emeraude: What the hell happened? Was it Phoenix?
Julie: No, it was Tinwe!
Emeraude: Tinwe? Those look like bite marks?
Julie: They are!
Emeraude: Where are your shoes?
Julie: Tinwe ate them
Emeraude: … So today is the day that Tinwe finally snapped
Julie: it would seem so
Emeraude: *tends to Julie’s wounds*
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile back outside *~*~*~*~
Tinwe: *devours Fizban’s left shoe and sock* Mmm
Phoenix: BLOOD! *Runs after Tinwe*
Tinwe: SHOES and SOCKS! *Runs after Phoenix and they collide into each other*
Phoenix: Ouch… There’s a gross taste in my mouth… I got to go get something to drink *gets up and leaves*
Tinwe: What happened? *Coughs up a piece of sock* EW... *picks it up and eats it again* Mmm ABC sock…
Éowyn: *disgusted look* grossness
Dark Jester: Is it safe?
Heero: Whatever…
Dark Jester: Umm you’re strange
Dark Jester: You’re both weird…
Phoenix: *comes back* that taste was so gross
Dark Jester: I would think so
Phoenix: … Huh… What do you mean?
Heero: NM
Dark jester: Uh… yeah right…
ChibiTrunks: Heero you’re weird
Heero: IKIA
ChibiTrunks: Ummm…
Tinwe: Socks good for you, eat 10 socks everyday
ChibiTrunks: You’ve lost it
Lantis: maybe we should help him find it?
Lantis: Huh? *Looks over at Tinwe* Uh Oh…
Tinwe: *jumps and lands on Lantis’ shoes and starts to eat them*
Lantis: Arrgh *Swings Tinwe into a table* down mwahahaha
Tinwe: ow… *walks into the room where Emeraude is* help… I hurt…
Lantis: Mwahahaha
Éowyn: What’s up Lantis?
Lantis: Do you love Emeraude Heero?
Lantis: NOOOO! I’m the only one who can love her! ALATOPIA! *Picks up a sludge hammer and whacks him with it*
Heero: Ow… *falls into the room with Emeraude head first*
Éowyn: Hey Tinwe would you ever do that for me?
Tinwe: Yeah, sure I would *steps out of the room*
Éowyn: You’re the best and don’t forget… All your base are belong to us
Lantis: Mwahahaha Alatopia! *Whacks Éowyn and Tinwe with the sludge hammer*
Éowyn and Tinwe: Ow… *slides into the door and hit their heads* Ow again…
Emeraude: *opens the door* Hey who’s knocking? *Looks* Oh… *drags Éowyn and Tinwe into the room and closes the door*
Lantis: Mwahahaha Alatopia! *Whacks ChibiTrunks and Dark Jester with the sludge hammer*
ChibiTrunks: Ow… Emeraude… Help… *falls unconscious*
Dark Jester: Damn! *Falls unconscious*
Emeraude: Gosh darn it! *Drags the two into a guest bedroom*
Lantis: Alatopia! *Goes to whack Emeraude but sees who it is*
Emeraude: Lantis… That was very mean and bad! *Whacks a vase over his head* you’re being punished… *Throws Lantis into a guest bedroom and locks the door* Much better *walks back into the room with NightShroud*
NightShroud: What happened out there?
Emeraude: Lantis snapped that’s all…
NightShroud: Oh I see
Emeraude: You feeling better?
NightShroud: Yeah!
Emeraude: Good enough to use Anthrax in a chip factory?
NightShroud: Yes! Mwahahaha *gets up* let’s go
Narr: Emeraude and NightShroud run out of the room to go to the Old Dutch Chip Factory on the corner of Wertyu and Poiuy
Phoenix: Where are those two going? *Makes a phone call*
Narr3056: Narrators Exchange Building, how may I help you?
Phoenix: Yo… it’s Narr 305928767
Narr3056: Hey what’s up?
Phoenix: I want you to keep a look out for the person you beat up and Emeraude
Narr3056: Sure can do…
Phoenix: great! Bye! *Click*
~*~*~*~* At the Narrators Exchange Building *~*~*~*~
Narr3056: Mayday we have a code 3216!
Narr629: Code 3216? What’s that?
Narr59: Remember we made it up… It’s Emeraude… she’s in the area
Narr36729: Whoa dude… maybe she’ll go out with one of us now
Narr82: I think I prefer Éowyn
Narr3921: Well let’s just go get her! She got away last time, but not now!
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Emeraude and NightShroud *~*~*~*~
Emeraude: Here it is
NightShroud: Let’s go in
Narr: And so… Emeraude and NightShroud sneak into the chip factory with Anthrax in their bags
Emeraude: *looks down* whoa cool, that’s a lot of chips…
NightShroud: Ready?
Emeraude: *takes out a bag of Anthrax* ready…
Narr5237: Ha there you are!
Emeraude: eeeks *drops the bag into the chips* aw… I didn’t get to open it…
NightShroud: Well maybe it’ll get opened…
Emeraude: I hope so
NightShroud: No worries! *Puts his arm around her*
Emeraude: Okay
Narr876: Don’t touch her! *Charges at NightShroud but hits Emeraude instead* Uh oh… no!
Emeraude: eeeks *falls into the thing of chips* Ieeee
NightShroud: Emeraude
Emeraude: I think I’m gonna hate chips for the rest of my life! Ieeee!
Narr876: Oh bad… This is bad… Very bad…
Emeraude: Help! Ieeee!
Narr876: I didn’t do it *runs off*
NightShroud: Oh… Um what do I do?
Emeraude: Get me out of here!! Ieeee
Yazaki: *walks up out of nowhere* I shall save thee, thy fair lady!
Emeraude: God… No Ieeee!
Yazaki: *stands over the top of the vat of chips* Oh thy fair lady has squished the chips!
Emeraude: hey shut-up! *Drowns in the chips* Ieeee! … Hey it’s the Anthrax
NightShroud: NOO! Emeraude! *Pushes Yazaki into the chips so he can get a better view*
Yazaki: Ieeee
Emeraude: That’s my word! *Starts wrestling with Yazaki* Ieeee!
Éowyn: What is that I see? Such an evil deed cannot go unpunished! In the name of all chips, I the goddess of chips shall punish you! *Does a sailor moon pose*
NightShroud: What the?
Éowyn: *runs and dives head first into the chips* Owch… I hit the bottom
Fizban: *walks up calmly, and starts taking things out of his pocket and putting it carefully around the tank*
Emeraude: What is that?
Fizban: *holds some up* C4
Emeraude: Don’t blow it up with me in it!
Fizban: I wouldn’t do that, I was gonna blow us all up
NightShroud: AHH!! *Whacks him over the head with a bag of potatoes and throws him in the vat of chips*
Yazaki: *swimming in the chips* Ieeee thy fair lady
Éowyn: GET OFF THE CHIPS! YOU MORTALS ARE CRUSHING THEM! No chip deserves such a fate
Fizban: Yeah they’re for eating! *Eats a chip* mm human flavored… *starts devouring chips by the hundreds*
Narr: before long it’s just an empty vat with a bag of Anthrax and four people in it
Emeraude: Here Fizban, chip flavored Anthrax… *hands him the bag*
Fizban: Mm Anthrax *eats the bag whole* burps up bubbles* AAH! Not Anthrax! DISH SOAP! *Burps up more bubbles*
Yazaki: Oooh *pops some bubbles* bubbles make me Horney…
Emeraude: AAH! NightShroud! Get me out now! *Tries to climb up the side of the vat*
Éowyn: O.O *looks for an escape route*
Fizban: *burps again*
Emeraude: STOP BURPING!!
Éowyn: *pulls out some duct tape and tapes Fizban’s mouth shut*
Fizban: Hmph *pop* *a bubble comes out of Fizban’s nose*
Éowyn: Eww, nose bubble
Emeraude: *takes out a rope and throws it up* GET ME OUTTA HERE!
Éowyn: Why didn’t you do that in the first place?
Emeraude: It didn’t come to mind
Éowyn: *falls over anime style*
Narr: So they all climb out, leaving Yazaki in there
Fizban: *takes the tape off his mouth and does a massive belch and hundreds of tiny bubbles come out of his mouth*
Éowyn: Bubbles! *Runs after them eating them*
Emeraude: O… Kay… Why didn’t you tell me it was dish soap?
NightShroud: I Dunno
Emeraude: I thought it was real Anthrax!
NightShroud: Sorry…
Emeraude: Oh well that messes our plans up… let’s just party and have fun! *Chases after Éowyn* eating bubbles isn’t good for you!
Éowyn: Bubbles! Bubbles rule! *Continues to eat bubbles* Mm non-toxic… Mmm
Emeraude: Uhh okay…
Heero: *walks in* IYKEBYGVIYD
Éowyn: No I won’t! *Pushes Heero into a vat of hot grease*
Heero: Ow!!! *Is drowning in the grease*
Éowyn: *chomp* *pop* mm bubbles
Fizban: *burps up some more bubbles* hey that dish soap was pretty good *eats more dish soap*
Éowyn: Let me have some *grabs the box from Fiz and eats half of it*
Heero: FUUUU!
Éowyn: *burps bubbles, then eats them*
Tinwe: *comes running in and knocks Emeraude into the vat of grease head first, with her feet sticking up* Opps *deranged look* *takes off Emeraude’s socks and eats them* Mmm
Emeraude: Ieeee! Oooh, the hot grease is squishy between my toes *sits back like she’s in a hot tub*
Fizban: *lights a fire underneath the vat of grease* Mmm deep fried human…
Emeraude: yeah I think so
Narr: It gets warmer... and then hot
Emeraude: NightShroud! Ieeee
Heero: Ouchies!
Éowyn: Why don’t you guys just come out?
Heero: yeah… *jumps out*
Emeraude: NightShroud, my darling, help me out!
NightShroud: Sure thing babe *helps her out* damn now you got grease on my clothes!
Éowyn: *burps a bubble in NightShroud’s face* that grease isn’t gonna come out
Emeraude: Ieeee! My $200,000,000.99 shirt!
Éowyn: *burps a bubble at her* you can go get another one tomorrow
Emeraude: Sure whatever here eat some of this *stuffs dish soap down Éowyn’s throat*
Tinwe: NOO! Not dish soap! Here eat a sock it’ll counter the soap
Fizban: *happily burps a bubble*
Heero: Damn
Emeraude: *takes some chips* chip fight!
Narr: So everyone takes chips and throws them at everyone and the fight lasted for 3 hours
Fizban: Yum *sweeps the chips into a pile and eats them*
Éowyn: Gross
Tinwe: *takes everyone’s socks and puts them into a pile and eats them*
Emeraude: Gross… so what shall we do now?
Phoenix: *shows up* anybody wanna go explore the Whitehouse?
Everyone: YEAH!
Narr: And so they take Ali’s Alley to the Whitehouse and arrive at about noonish
Éowyn: What do we do first?
Emeraude: *takes out some white powder* have fun with the prez
NightShroud: Cool idea babe
Phoenix: Let’s go
Narr: And so they go to see the prez
Mr. Prez: Hey kids what are you doing here?
Phoenix: Mr. President can we own America?
Mr. Prez: Uh…
Éowyn: Stupid we don’t want to own America!
Phoenix: *whines* I wanna own America
Emeraude: We’re going to infect America with Anthrax! Mwahahaha
Fizban: But that’s not…
Emeraude: *grabs Fiz and covers his mouth* shut-up
NightShroud: Damn you are evil
Heero: yeah
Emeraude: Mwahahaha *runs off*
Phoenix: Where’s she going?
Éowyn: Dunno
Phoenix: Oh well let’s take over America!
Fizban: No way let’s blow it up
Éowyn: Arrgh
Fizban: Either blow it up or eat it!
Éowyn: No!
Tinwe: Cover it in socks then eat the socks?
Éowyn: AHHHH!
Fizban: Blow it up!
Tinwe: Cover it in socks!
Fizban: *growls at Tinwe* EAT IT!
Tinwe: *Growls back* SOCKS!
Narr: And so that begins a fight between Fizban and Tinwe. Socks and gophers flying everywhere, just a horrific sight
Heero: Yeah…
Éowyn: *grabs Tinwe and Fizban by the ears* Now you two will be nice to each other!
Tinwe and Fizban: Yes ma’am
Emeraude: *outside talking to a guard* Hiya, do you mind helping me with this Anthrax it’s kind of heavy you know
Guard1076: Anthrax?
Emeraude: Yes, just hold it until I get back okay? I need to go to the washroom
Guard1076: Um…
Emeraude: Just take it *she shoves the bag at him* I can’t hold it forever you know *she takes off for the bathroom but runs into Xena*
Emeraude: Well if it isn’t my bestest buddy Xena!
Xena: What are you doing here?
Emeraude: I could ask you the same thing. We’re deciding what to do
Xena: I’m here on… secret business
Emeraude: Whatever I’ll see you later *runs off*
Xena: Um… Yeah *looks over at the guard* hey watcha doing?
Guard1076: I’m holding this bag of Anthrax for someone
Xena: For who?
Guard1076: Some girl
Xena: Which girl? The crazy one or the calm one or the one that just left?
Guard1076: The cute one that just left
Xena: Okay I’m outta here *walks off*
Guard1076: Bye cute lady!
Xena: Yuck *runs off to go find the others*
Emeraude: Thanks for holding this for me *takes the bag back*
Guard1076: Umm sure no problem
Emeraude: Now off to infect America with Anthrax… Mwahahaha *runs off*
Guard1076: Um, okay…
Xena: *walks into the room with the president* hey guys, whatsup?
Fizban: *looks up* the that chandelier and the ceiling
Xena: I didn’t mean that literally…
Fizban: Oooh chandelier… Ideas… *jumps up and grabs the chandelier and starts swinging from it*
Éowyn: Heads up!
Narr: Everyone except Heero moves out of the way
Heero: What? *Looks up and the chandelier falls on his head*
Fizban: *flips off the chandelier before it falls down* tada!
Narr: Everyone claps except for Heero who is knocked out
Fizban: Thank you, Thank you *bows*
Éowyn: Hey where’s Emeraude?
Yazaki: Alas my love has departed
Heero: *shrugs*
Fizban: I ate her
Éowyn: Hey that’s my line!
Lantis: Fizban? You ate her? You BASTARD!! *Attacks Fizban with a fountain pen*
Fizban: AHH! The pen! Keep it away from me you crazy freak!
Lantis: No one eats Emeraude and gets away with it! *Starts choking Fizban*
Emeraude: What the hell is going on here?
Lantis: That fucking fucker fucking said he fucking ate you
Emeraude: Watch your language, I’ll have to wash your mouth out with soap
Lantis: Sorry fuck
Fizban: Mmm dish soap
Lantis: So what the fuck are we gonna do now?
Emeraude: I Dunno, I’ve been spreading “Anthrax” around
NightShroud: Cool
Lantis: *glares at NightShroud* Hey you trying to steal my girl mother fucker?
NightShroud: Yeah I am
Lantis: That’s not cool Yo fuck off
Éowyn: Will you fucking shut-up?
Emeraude: Jeesh how many of you want me?
Fizban: I want you… dead
Emeraude: I love you too Fizban
NightShroud: I do
Lantis: Fuck yeah me too
Heero: yeah
Yazaki: Thy ladylove I do
Emeraude: Umm wow that’s 4 of you
Éowyn: That’s a lot… maybe you should pick one
Emeraude: Yeah… maybe not… I like it like this…
Lantis: Aww fuck
Éowyn: Damn I feel so unloved
Tinwe: I still love you Éowyn!
Fizban: yeah I love… to hate you Mwahahaha
Lantis: Fuck off Fizban, you’re fucking annoying, ya fucker
Fizban: Shut-up
Lantis: You shut the fuck up
Fizban: No you!
Lantis: Fuck this *walks off*
Emeraude: Lantis wait! *Runs after him*
Éowyn: Great now where’d she go? *Walks out the door*
Fizban: Well if they get to go explore, I’m going to go find the kitchen
Narr: So they all split up and start exploring the Whitehouse
Phoenix: Whoa dude I’ve never explored anything so dull in my entire life, why does this place have to be so… AHHH! *Falls through a trap door* *CRUNCH*
Dark Jester: Ow… not again…
Phoenix: Oh sorry… AHHH! *Falls through the floor to the next floor taking Dark Jester with her*
Dark Jester: Ow… Oh crap… AHH! *Falls through twelve floors and they both get stuck in a chandelier above a ballroom, which is 2 stories high*
Phoenix: Damn that smarts
Dark Jester: I think there’s a light bulb up my ass Oooh feels good
Phoenix: nasty…
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Tinwe *~*~*~*~
Tinwe: Hmm where do we go from here? I’m lost *walks over a hole made by Phoenix* AHH! I guess I go this way! *Falls 6 stories, misses the chandelier and lands on his ass on the ground* ow… that hurt… mommy
Phoenix: Tinwe! Was sup?
Tinwe: You guys apparently!
Dark Jester: *leans over* how’s the weather down there? *Leans too far* AHH! *Falls out of the chandelier on Tinwe* oops
Tinwe: I think you broke my body
Dark Jester: sorry dude
Phoenix: I think I’ll stay up here
Tinwe: Suit yourself *they both walk off*
Phoenix: I hate you guys *sits there rocking back and forth in her chandelier*
*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Julie *~*~*~*~
Julie: Hey guys are any of you here? Oh… where are they this rots, guys!! YOU HERE? Hey guy… AHHH *falls 9 stories into the chandelier that Phoenix is sitting in*
Phoenix: My chandelier! Get out! *Pushes Julie out of the chandelier*
Julie: Eeeks! Phoenix I hate you! *Splat* ow… that hurt… uh oh I’m stuck…
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Yazaki *~*~*~*~
Yazaki: Emeraude thy fair lady! Where is thee? I hope thy fair lady is not… AHH! *Falls 10 stories into a room with Hilary*
Hilary: AHHH!! GET OUT!!
Yazaki: I’m sorry milady *runs out*
Hilary: The nerve of some men!
Yazaki: *keeps running* AHH! *Falls through a hole and falls 2 stories and lands on Julie*
Julie: I’m really stuck now
Yazaki: I’m sorry thy fair lady *falls over off of Julie* ye ow…
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Heero *~*~*~*~
Heero: Hello?? *Continues walking*
Heero: Anybody?
Heero: Wha…
Heero: AHHH! *Falls 13 stories on top of Julie*
Julie: I’m even more stuck now… this is going to leave a mark
Heero: Sorry
Julie: No… not you… go away…
Yazaki: Thy fair lady says leave, so leave… *drags Heero out of the room*
Julie: Alone… Fieuf
Phoenix: *from chandelier* Not quite alone!
Julie: How’d you hear that?
Phoenix: Dunno
Julie: Whatever… I’m going to go now *tries to get up* never mind… I’m seriously stuck in the floor by my ass
Phoenix: *bursts out laughing* hilarious!
Julie: Not funny
Phoenix: Yes it is! *Continues laughing and the chandelier rocks and Phoenix falls out and lands head first in the floor*
whoa cool there’s weapons down here
Julie: Whoa that must have hurt
Phoenix: Damn straight!
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Lantis and Emeraude *~*~*~*~
Emeraude: Come on let’s go back
Lantis: Fuck no… not with Fiz the fucker there
Emeraude: Lantis you’re being a jerk
Lantis: I don’t fucking… AHH! *Falls down 3 stories onto the floor*
Emeraude: Ieeee! *Falls through another hole and lands on Phoenix and they both fall through the floor* Ow… Oh hey Phoenix Phoenix: Hey... ow that hurt… I landed on a mace…
Emeraude: Well at least you don’t have a sword up your ass! This one’s pointy… ow… Ouchies…
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Xena *~*~*~*~
Xena: Hey peeps… where are ya? Ouch damnit *trips over the sill and falls one story down into the hedges*
Xena: Ow…*spits leaves out* huh… *looks over at the barking* AHH! *Runs away leaving a dog chasing her* *runs away from the dog*
Dog: Arf, Arf! *Chasing her*
Xena: What the… *looks at the dog* it’s a chitzu
Narr: The dog bites her ankles
Xena: Yeiiiii! *Runs away*
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Éowyn *~*~*~*~
Éowyn: God damnit Emeraude where are AHHH! *Falls down a hole and lands on Julie*
Julie: Oh great now I’m even more stuck *CRACK* AHHH!
Éowyn: Eeeks… Tinwe… help me… *SMASH* oh Emeraude there you are…
Julie: ow… is there something sticking out of my head… it hurts
Éowyn: Umm you have a mace stuck in your head
Phoenix: it’s better than having a mace stuck up your ass
Éowyn: yeah
Emeraude: None of it could possibly be as bad as having a sword up your ass
Lantis: That must really fucking hurt
Éowyn: Ouchies
Emeraude: yeah
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Fizban *~*~*~*~
Fizban: *picks up the phone and looks at a paper beside it* President - Line 4 hmm *dials 4*
President: Hello?
Fizban: Um hello sir, is your refrigerator running?
President: Yes it is

Fizban: Well you better go catch it Haha *hangs up* teehee *runs out of the room and falls down a hole on top on Tinwe* Tinwe: Owch, your foot is in my face *eats his sock*
Fizban: Hey! You ate my sock! You FEIND!
Tinwe: fiend indeed *grins*
Fizban: Get off of me! You weigh a metric ton!
Tinwe: No I don’t!
Fizban: yes you do *CRACK* Oooh my back
Tinwe: That wasn’t your back… that was the floor…
Fizban: Oh no…
Narr: The floor breaks below them and they fall through 47 floors to the weapons room
Tinwe: *gets up* Thanks Fiz, you cushioned my fall
Fizban: owies mummy… I fell on a spear
Emeraude: Lantis pull harder
Lantis: I can’t it’s fucking stuck
Emeraude: Just keep pulling!
Fizban: What the hell?
Emeraude: it hurts keep pulling!
Tinwe: What’s going on with those two?
Éowyn: Emeraude has a sword stuck up her ass; he’s trying to pull it out
Fizban: Whoa… cool… can I pull?
Emeraude: No! Man… Where’s NightShroud when you need him
Fizban: Aww
Emeraude: Lantis! Pull harder!
Lantis: I’m trying; fuck!
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with Xena *~*~*~*~
Xena: Fieuf… I lost it… Now to get back in
Narr: Xena climbs into the window then falls onto the floor. The floor breaks and she falls 3 stories into the weapons room on top of Emeraude
Emeraude: owies, it’s more stuck
Xena: Oh sorry *gets up* Thanks for breaking my fall
Emeraude: uh huh… okay *tears in her eyes* ow…ow… ouch… owies… boy I hope this doesn’t affect me in anyway
Xena: Huh…
Emeraude: I have a sword up my ass! And you made it worse!
Xena: Oh sorry… hehe… *slowly walks away*
Éowyn: Haha *falls over laughing*
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile with NightShroud and Dark Jester *~*~*~*~
NightShroud: Where do you think Emeraude went?
Dark Jester: Dunno and don’t care
NightShroud: Well I do so shut-up! Oops hehe
Dark Jester: Oooh… oh wait… everyone already knows… damn
NightShroud: Duh… *smacks him in the head*
Narr: As NightShroud and Dark Jester walked they didn’t see the crack in the floor and they tripped over it
Dark Jester: Ow… *CRACK* oh no! AHHH!
NightShroud: Damn!
Narr: NightShroud and Dark Jester fall 100 floors into the weapons room on top of Lantis
Lantis: Ow… fuck
Emeraude: You’re supposed to be pulling! *Looks over* oh… hey NightShroud!
NightShroud: What happened?
Emeraude: Umm a sword up my ass… pull damnit!
Lantis: Oh… Kay...fuck… *pulls feebly*
Emeraude: *smacks him* damnit… NightShroud pull!
NightShroud: Kay… *pulls*
Emeraude: yeowch!
Narr: NightShroud pulls for about 10 minutes and it finally comes out and Emeraude lands on Xena
Xena!: Get off… there are knives under me!
Emeraude: *gets up and walks with a limp* I’m gonna feel that for the rest of my life
Éowyn: I would imagine so
Xena!: Well now… I’d better be going now
Emeraude: Where are you going?
Xena!: Business
Emeraude: Come on… you can tell us
Éowyn: Yeah we wanna come
Xena!: *starts walking out of the room* no! It’s secret
Emeraude: *follows her* Oh yeah? Well it can be our secret
Xena!: If I tell you it won’t be a secret
Yazaki: Milady! Where hast thou gone?
Emeraude: *throws a shoe at him* shut-up
Tinwe: SHOE! *Jumps up and grabs the shoe, then devours it* Mmm shoe…
Narr: So they follow Xena! Up to the president’s room, which just happens to be on the top floor
Xena!: Well now that you guys are here, you can help me
Emeraude: Help you what?
Xena!: *the room darkens and a light shines up at her face* Assassinate the president!
Everyone: *gasp*
Éowyn: yippee *pulls out her trusty AK-47* Mwahahaha
Emeraude: *rummages through her pockets* *throws a rubber chicken, an apple, which hits Heero on the head*
Heero: Ow… *rubs his head in a circular motion*
Emeraude: I CAN’T FINE IT! *Picks out a set of daggers, examines them and throws them backwards at NightShroud*
NightShroud: AHH! *Homer scream* *gets pinned to the wall* eep
Emeraude: *chucks some more things out of her pockets* AHA! *Pulls out a lightsabre* *tries to get it working* DAMNIT ALL TO HELL! It ran out of batteries the last time I used it on Fizban
Fizban: *lifts up his shirts to show off a rather large burn mark on his back*
Dark Jester: *dumps salt on Fizban’s back*
Fizban: *jumps around screaming in pain*
Emeraude: *snickers* I wish I thought of that
Dark jester: yeah, everyone can’t be a genius like me
Éowyn: Shut-up you freakis *grabs Fizban and flings him in a vat of water to relieve the pain*
Narr: Fizban and the vat of water fall through the floor 100 stories. Fizban grabs Éowyn’s arm. Tinwe grabs Éowyn, Dark Jester grabs Tinwe, and he also grabs NightShroud in a pathetic attempt to get his balance. Emeraude grabs NightShroud -
Yazaki: milady love! Thou mustn’t fall *grabs Emeraude*
Lantis: fuck it *also grabs Emeraude*
Heero: Crap *grabs Emeraude*
Julie: You guys are morons *stands there watching*
Heero: HA! *Grabs Julie’s ankle*
Narr: Julie grabs ChibiTrunks and he grabs Phoenix
Phoenix: AHHH!
Emeraude: IEEEE!
Xena!: *trips and falls in the hole* AHH!
Narr: *THUD* *SPLASH* everyone lands on top of Fizban and ends up in the water soaking wet. Then… *THUD* Xena! Lands on the top
Fizban: owies
Xena!: *jumps off the top of the pile* you guys are pretty soft
Éowyn: Fizban wasn’t when I fell on him
Fizban: AHCHOOO!
Narr: Everyone goes flying in different directions
Emeraude: *lands on NightShroud* this has got to look nasty
NightShroud: Could you move a little to the left?
Emeraude: NO! *Gets off of him* sicko
Éowyn: *hits a wall* Oomph
Heero: *lands on Éowyn* *CRACK*
Éowyn: ow… my back GET OFF ME! *Throws Heero across the room*
Emeraude: eeeks *ducks*
Heero: *flies over Emeraude’s head and lands on NightShroud*
Phoenix: *lands on her feet like a cat* Meow
Dark Jester: *does a perfect back flip and lands it*
Emeraude, Éowyn, and Xena!: *hold up signs saying “10”*
Dark jester: *bows* Thank you, thank you
Éowyn: Don’t gloat *whacks Dark Jester with a stop sign*
Emeraude: Where’d you get that? Isn’t that sort of necessary?
Tinwe: yeah that’s a federal offence
Éowyn: Meh don’t care its mine now *hugs her stop sign and writes her name on it “property of Éowyn”*
Dark Jester: Oooh… Oooh *falls unconscious*
Emeraude: he’s yours now! Let’s go on a quest!
NightShroud: Quest? *Pushes Heero off*
Emeraude: A quest for batteries!
NightShroud: Oh god *shakes head*
Emeraude: *grabs NightShroud’s shirt and pulls, but the shirt rips* Damn you fine!
Éowyn: Eww Austin Powers chest hair!
Emeraude: Hey I happen to like hairy guys *goes and flirts with NightShroud*
Lantis: I got hair! *Rips his shirt and clothes off*
Éowyn: AHH!
Tinwe: *covers Éowyn’s eyes* no looking now it’s not very pretty
Emeraude: EWWW! NightShroud help!
NightShroud: nasty *covers Emeraude’s eyes*
ChibiTrunks: Damn that’s small
Heero: Yeah!
Heero: BHDGL!
Lantis: AHHH! *Runs around the room buck naked*
Phoenix: Nice ass!
Emeraude: ugh gross… *runs out the door*
Heero: hehe *snickers and rips Emeraude’s clothes off*
Emeraude: AHH my clothes!! *Runs away*
Éowyn: *laughs her ass off* Haha!
Tinwe: *tightens his belt* mwahahaha
NightShroud: Whoa wait for me *rips his clothes off*
Éowyn: O.O Oooh my…
Tinwe: Blargh *sweat drop*
Narr: hey Emeraude come back here! *Runs after her* I wasn’t done looking yet!
NightShroud: Hmm now where’d she go? *Looks around*
Girl059: stops and screams AHH!
NightShroud: *laughs nervously*
Girl059: turns and runs AHHH! *Throws him some clothes while running*
NightShroud: *sighs and puts the clothes on* Hey, not too shabby - *looks around some more* Emeraude?
~*~*~*~* Meanwhile back to Emeraude *~*~*~*~
Emeraude: *looks around* hmm this looks interesting, very interesting… *spots a paint can* I think me and the others could make good use of this *grins evilly*
Narr: And so this is where this story ends…
Emeraude: What? Without a proper ending oh my word!!
Narr: Hey there is a sequel you know, you’ll get to do what you want in the sequel!
Emeraude: All right then I’m fine with that
Narr: good… and so this ends our story we shall see you next time in the sequel of this story... hehe bye, bye folks! *Grins as Emeraude gives him a lap dance totally nude*
Emeraude: hey I did not!! AHH! BYE FOLKS!! Hehe!