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Behind The Name

Since you're all wundering whut the hell tadfishpoleflyz r, me & Finny discovered them one day when we went tubing with sum friends. The boat wouldnt go fast enough with all of us in it, so we took turns getting dumped off on the island and me and Finny were the first ones stranded there. Every1 else ended up going back to shore to fix the tube and just abandoned us!! So we're sitting there in the water and she sees these little tadpoles swimming by, but I suggested maybe they're fish and I wuz like "tadfish!!!" and she seyz "or fishpoles!!!" but then I called them "tadfishpolez!!!" (u dont wanna know whut else we discussed on the island, trust me) So later on, we went to go have a weiner roast where we were attacked by fishflyz or as we named them "tadfishpoleflyz!!!!" ...And now you're all scared but thats too bad 4 U!!!! ~~by Negabum