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I Don't Know

A crazy story by Candace and Jaime

Narr: Good afternoon folks and welcome to the great firey...
Chibi Trunks: Can it Bitch! *holds a sock in his hand threatingly*
Narr: Bug off *hits mute on Chibi Trunks* Now to begin! High, high up, where the little surface people live, Aysta is seen walking, she walks stepping on a branch*
Aysta: Humm? *CRACK* IEEEEEEEEE! *falls down a hole hitting lava* AHHH! *jumps up her head sticking into the ceiling*
Hikaru: *blinks and looks up* Umm hey Aysta
Aysta: *muffled* hmph... mmphft... hmmpft
Chibi Trunks: *tries to speak no words coming out*
MFT: *grins* Woah, hey B..
Aysta: HMPH! *brings her foot forward giving MFT a good kick in the head*
MFT: Ow... *drops to the floor twitching*
Hikaru: *smirks and walks to where Aysta is stepping on MFT on her way*
MFT: Ow again.. *shudders and twitches more*
Wolf: *steps in smashing his head through a table*
Narr: *coughs and unmutes Chibi Trunks*
Chibi Trunks: Yeish, bitch *points and laughs at MFT*
Hikaru: *mumbles then speaks loud* Okay everyone! *pulls Aysta from the ceiling*
Aysta: O... Hey! *wipes dust from her hair and face*
MFT: *from floor* Only if I get something from it
Anerious: Meow... Meow... Meow!
Narr: Everyone looks to Aysta
Aysta: Geesh, can't anyone speak cat other than me? Ooo I feel special! He said "Sweet world domination!"
Narr: *blinks as amuffin man walks out*
Aysta: *grabs the muffin man stuffing it in her mouth* Yumm!
Narr: The muffin man shrieks loudly as he's devoured
Anerious: Meow!
Aysta: Too bad! If you don't want your minions to be eaten, Anerious, don't make them edible!
Hikaru: She has a point there
Narr: Anerious glares loathingly at Aysta as Hikaru goes on with her speech...
Hikaru: ... And only when the surface world is ours, shall we rule over the sheep - er - humans that inhabit it!
Narr: Tajin Aikan steps out of the shadows dramatically but trips over a root and falls
Tajin: Oof ow *gets up real quick* Aren't you humans too?
Hikaru: erm... well, uh... maybe
Aysta: We are not!
Chibi Trunks: Yeah, bitch, we are!
Anerious: Meow, mew, mrow
Narr: everyone looks at Aysta who rolls her eyes
Aysta: He said "I'm a cat" duh
Everyone: oh.
Hikaru: Okay! Back to what I was saying!
Wolf: Hey wait a minute
Hikaru: What?
Wolf: How come you get to be leader? I wanna do it!
Hikaru: I'm the only one here that's coherent enough to be leader
Wolf: I'm perfectly coherent! *spots Anerious' tail swishing beside his head* *bites it*
Anerious: MROW! *attacks wolf*
Narr: Anerious and wolf wrestle, the cat although considerably smaller manages to pin wolf to the ground
Chibi Trunks: *checks to see how he's pinned* 1! 2! 3! Anerious wins bitch!
Narr: Anerious jumps off wolf and starts licking his tail, purring happily... Starhealer walks into the lair
Starhealer: Hi guys! *sees Anerious* KITTY! *chases him*
Anerious: Meow!
Narr: Everyone ignores Anerious and starhealer
Hikaru: Okay, here's the plan guys, listen up. Our plan is to go to the whitehouse and overwhelm them with our massive amounts of narrs and muffin men! ... And perhaps a snack along the way
Anerious: Meow, meow, meow, meow!
Narr: Everyone looks at Aysta
Aysta: "Bring out the muffin men!"
Narr: As if by magic, massive doors open and a huge army of thousands of muffin men file out in rows, fresh from the baking sheet.
Hikaru: Alright everyone! To the narrator's exchange building!
Wolf: Noooo!
Hikaru: What?
Wolf: No! Anything but the narrator's exchange building *hides behind Aysta*
Hikaru: Let's move! That includes you floppy! OFF THE FLOOR!
MFT: Okay, Okay! *climbs up to his feet as he wipes the foot prints off of him*
Hikaru: Aysta, drag wolf if you must!
Narr: And so.. gee why do us narrs always say that
Narr25: it's our job, we get paid to do it
Narr: Oh... okay And so! They all head to the narrators exchange bulding on the corner of Wertyu Poiuy, Aysta having to drag wolf all the way there
Wolf: Let's hurry and go *holds onto Aysta tightly digging his nails into her*
Aysta: Owwww! I'm bleeding!
Wolf: *whimpers and licks the blood up as he let's go*
Aysta: Ewwww! *beats wolf over the head with a wet phonebook*
Wolf: Omph *twitches*
Hikaru: *pushes Chibi Trunks* gon on, you're friends with them
Chibi Trunks: Okay, going bitch *walks through the yeard opens the gate and walks in*
Starhealer: Wait for meeeeee! *runs after him hitting the fence* omph!
Xena!: woah... omph *falls off the fence*
Hikaru: What the?
Xena!: Who in the hell are you?
Hikaru: Nevermind that, let's go guys!
MFT: *steps up the Xena!*
Hikar: Don't even try it! *grabs MFT by the scruff of his collar and pulls him to her then drags him along*
Aysta: *blinks* is there something up your sleeve?
Xena!: Wha... *shakes her overly-large sleeve and a person falls out* Not again STAY OUT OF MY SLEEVES!
Aysta: Umm, let's just go
Narr: They all run into the Narrators exchange building leaving Xena! behind
Hikaru: Dear god! I've forgotten that there are so many narrs
Narr9871: Hikaru what can we do for you?
Hikaru: *points to chibi trunks* ask him!
Narr76: well, well, well what can we do for you chibi?
Chibi Trunks: You're going to help us bitches!
Narr82: With what?
Chibi Trunks: Take over the world bitch! *dr evil laugh*
Hikaru: *shakes her head* will you help us?
Narr95: Yeah!
All Narrs: definately!
Hikaru: *shudders* too many... Let's move
Chattmatt: Hi!
MFT: what the... who's that?
Hikaru: who are you?
Chattmatt: chattmatt
Hikaru: ummm... hi... chattmatt can you leave please
Chattmatt: leave?
Starhealer: *is all wobbly* why are you talking like that?
Chattmatt: Huh?
Hikaru: Oh no... he can only say one thing!
Chattmatt: Riiiight
starhealer: *shrieks and runs out, hitting the fence knocking Xena! off once more*
Xena!: *falls off* akk
Rahab: You okay?
Xena!: yeah *shakes her other large sleeve another person falling out* Stay out!
Rahab: *sweatdrop* uhh right... *looks to starhealer* are you okay?
Starhealer: Yeah I am *dizziness* oooo
Rahab: Okay
Narr: So...
Narr39: you forgot and
Narr: grr shut up! Fine.. AND SO!!! Everyone comes out of the building with all of the other me's!
Hikaru: Onwards! We shall take over the world!
Zelda: You take over the world, that's a big laugh you won't as long as I'm here
Anerious: Meow, mrrrow, meow!
All: *looks at Aysta*
Aysta: He said "Muffin men attack!"
Narr: In a flash of muffins, throusands of muffin men charge forward attacking zelda
Zelda: What the fuck? *gets bitten* Yeiiiii
Aysta: *picks up a muffin man and eats it, it shrieks madly as it gets devoured*
Xena!: *yells as a muffin man ends up her sleeve* get out you'll mould!
Chibi Trunks: Oh my pet, come here bitch!
Narr35: *barks and goes over to chibi* yes sir?
Chibi Trunks: Get the girl torment her bitch ass!
Narr35: kay sir *waddles over to Zelda* BOO!
Zelda: Yeiiii! *yelps and runs stepping on a few muffin men on the way*
Chibi Trunks: *laughs evilly* Bitch Mwahaha
Hikaru: Let's move guys!
Tajin: Woohoo!
Hikaru: You're staying with me! *grabs MFT and starts dragging him along*
MFT: 'kay Hikky
Hikaru: Get that thought out of your head *thwaps him*
MFT: Ow.. yes m'am
Hikaru: Good, let's head out!
Anerious: MEOW!
Aysta: meow, meow
Chibi Trunks: Bitch, speak english!
Aysta: MEW! *hisses and leaps to bite Chibi*
Chibi Trunks: Owch bitch! that hurt! *bites Aysta back*
Aysta: Mrow! *hiss*
MFT: Um... did she just turn into a cat, or am I seeing things?
Hikaru: Nope, she's a cat
Chibi Trunks: *spits* eww bitch, hairball
Anerious: Meow?
Aysta: *hiss*
Anerious: Meow??
Aysta: mrow!
Anerious: *hiss*
Hikaru: *rolls her eyes* oh great
Narr: Anerious and Aysta the cat get into a fight which consists of many claws and teeth, chibi trunks starts taking bets
Wolf: Catfight! Aw, this sucks *sticks his foot between the fighting cats* YE-OW! *hops around holding the remains of what was once his foot*
Narr: The wounded wolf jumps around, knocking over starhealer, who in turn falls into Hikaru and there we go with the domino effect again, they all end up falling into a big pile, squishing several muffin men and the two cats
Aysta: *muffled* help!
Narr: All the narrs - all 7648762 of them that is, get off the pile, leaving our heroes... er.. our bad guys sprawled on the floor, trying to regain their breath after being squashed half to death
Wolf: *springs up from the pile, stepping on chibi's face as he gets up*
Chibi Trunks: Ouch, bitch
Hikaru: *groans as she gets up from on top of MFT*
MFT: Hey I was liking that!
Aysta: Meeeeeeow!
Hikaru: whatever... ugh
Chibi Trunks: hey bitches, can we go now
Anerious: merrow
Hikaru: come on, let's move
Starhealer: *walks around all wobbly walking into the fence again*
Xena!: *falls off fence* Ow! would you stop that! *shakes her fists wildly through the air, once again a homeless person falls out of one sleeve and arwin tumbles out the other*
Arwin: Dude, how'd I get in there?
Hikaru: *blinks and sweatdrops* and you are?
Arwin: I'm arwin, professional good girl!
Xena!: arrrgh! *screams and yells as another muffin man crawls up her sleeve*
Aysta: umm right
Anerious: merow?
Hikaru: If you excuse us, we must be off, we have an appointment for world domination
Arwin: Noooo! *holds out a pointy popsicle stick* You can't pass
Hikaru: *lights a match*
Narr: The match burns the popsicle stick and arwin in the process
Arwin: we'll *cough* stop you *cough* next *cough* time *cough*
Chibi Trunks: *girlie voice* we'll stop you next time, HA BITCH!
Arwin: *growls and reaches up Xena!'s left sleeve and pulls Rune out* Let's go!
Rune: Righteo!
Narr: Arwin and Rune both leave the others behind
Narr58: Dude, that was freakish
Chibi Trunks: Bitch, shut up!
Narr58: Yes sir
Hikaru: *grabs MFT and starts dragging him* Let's moveeeeeee!
Aysta: Dude! look at all those e's! *grabs a few and stuffs them in her mouth*
Chibi Trunks: yeehaw bitch! *swings a sock around* let's go! *follows after*
Narr: And SO our badguys begin to walk to the whitehouse
Tajin: *sings* off to the whitehouse we go, off to the whitehouse we go, da da di daaaaaa
Anerious: Merrow *hiss*
Aysta: Tajin, he said shut up
Wolf: Yeah man keep your mouth shut! *throws a dead monkey at Tajin*
Tajin* Ewwwww! *gets hit and falls over*