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List Of All Things Funny*

Smoooooooth.. - It describes the feeling of the looseleaf they give you at school! The one side is smoooooth ;)

RIP belty! - Well lets see... belty was once a belt in a car, and well, you see belty got old and died, so he was replaced, and as his coffin, he was placed in a shoebox. I mistakenly gave a note to belty's original owner saying "RIP Belty" Of course she proclaimed "Don't rip belty!!" and burst into some very, very fake tears

It fits! (OMG) - You just had to be there for this one.

Tadfishpoleflyz, and the nasty minnows. Mustn't forget the funnels and suctioning water...and of course the nude beaches where they wear ONLY lifejackets ;) ... and other funny/dirty things girls talk about when stranded on an island. (see Behind the Name)

Shoes(Hair) - ah yes, good old Shoes. He's a guy, in our school (presumably a grade 10) who has rediculously big shoes, and even bigger hair.

McHappy Bib - you know those bibs at McDonalds? Yes, the little plastic ones with all the McDonalds characters on them? Mmhmm. they're all doing nasty things, if you look close enough, maybe we should write something on that.

Burn his ass with the fuck! - Just a little reminder of the good ol' saying 'Think, before you type'

Plinus - Plus and Minus = plinus. Simple as that

Coconut tree of life - No, no I am not explaining this... It was just wrong! It shouldn't exist!

unlucky dimes - Find a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck. Find a dime, pick it up, and all the day, you are fucked.

yupchuck - upchuck... it's a funny word by itself.

IMAO = Icing my ass over - gotta love internet newbies. A friend of ours thought that 'lmao' was 'Imao' and we thought up a meaning for it.

BK and it's many meanings:
Big Kock
Burger King
Butt Kick
Biting Kittens
Butt Kisser
Blow Kock
Burger kitten
Bum Krusties
Broken Kondoms
"BK" is scratched into a table we sat at, at the caf. So we thought up some meanings for it. Initials you say? nah.

*Note that "all things funny" doesnt include too much