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Morals We're Lacking

Yes, there's a chance that you have morals... like what's good and evil... That's your opinion. And we might respect it, if we cared.
So, here, for your enjoyment is a list of morals we don't have.

Abortion: Why put up with a child you never wanted to have? It doesnt know its dying. It will only be a burden to you and the rest of the planet. We're alreaddy over populated. It wasnt meant to be in this world anyway. And, hey! You eat eggz don't you??
Swearing: Why the fuck does it matter? It's just words. They would not exist if they weren't meant to be used. Besides, what moron decided shit is worse than crap and fuck is worse than screw? They mean the same god damn thing!
Sex before marriage: Ok girls, if you wanna wait till you're married, you'll probably never get married. Good luck finding a guy who's gonna keep his dick to his self until then. Refuse to have sex and you wont be together much longer.