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The Big List of Things We Hate

We here at this site hate many, many things... over time this section will grow. It will just serve as a way to express our anger towards things. if you like you can e-mail us and give us some suggestions of things that really piss you off.

1. Underscores. Why pick on innocent underscores you say? Well it's because they suck. Why could anyone possibly need a little line at the bottom? Can't you people use hyphens instead?! (yes, we are aware of the irony that one of our staff has an underscore in their e-mail. Rest assured he has been beaten severly for it.)

2. Kids who lick windows. Yes, such kids exist. My mother, being a school bus (AKA Cheese Wagon) driver, has had a few experiences with these children. It's especially disgusting when you think about the people who last sat there picking their noses and wiping it on the window. Yummy.